Adult Learning &Training opportunities


 We have volunteer opportunities for adults, both in the Nursery School and across the Children's Centre Cluster. Contact (Children Centre Manager), (Children's Centre Deputy Manager) or (Nursery School).


Healthy Start in Childcare Training (childminders/EY settings)

We at HENRY (Health, Exercise, Nutrition for the Really Young) are excited to announce that we are offering free training to all childminders and Early Years settings (including day nurseries, pre-schools and Foundation Stage classes) in Bradford. We are working together with Public Health and Better Start Bradford to tackle and prevent childhood obesity.

 This training, A Healthy Start in Childcare, accredited by the RSPH, enables staff to:

- Develop their knowledge about healthy meals, snacks and portion sizes for young children in line with current Public Health, NICE and WHO guidelines

- Increase staff confidence in providing an environment that will promote healthy eating behaviour and making good choices

- Understand the value of active play

- Adopt a consistent approach around nutrition and activity across all our settings throughout Bradford District

- Model a healthy lifestyle to children in their care

- Manage behaviour and build self-esteem, so that children start school emotionally prepared and ready to learn

 When (please choose one date):

Twilights 6th July/13th July 6-9pm both days Bradford

Saturday 14th October 9am – 4:30pm Keighley

Thursday 19th October 9am – 4:30pm Central Bradford

Saturday 25th November 9am – 4:30pm Central Bradford

Tuesday 23rd January 9am – 4:30pm

 To book on, please click on the links below (you need to log-on to see all of the dates). Alternatively, if you have any questions or are having difficulties logging-on, please contact is for Council employees is for external people who are not signed in to Learn and Develop with Bradford (you are only able to view the first two dates and will have to register to enrol) is for external people who are signed in to Learn and Develop with Bradford