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New Childcare Schemes in 2017 - Updates for Parents

Tax-Free Childcare and 30hrs free childcare 

Parents can now register on the government website to get updates when the Tax-Free Childcare and 30 hours free childcare are available and how they can apply.

There is also a childcare calculator that parents can use to check what help they could get with childcare costs

Share the website with your parents.

 Baby Clinics

Monday               9.30-11.30           Kirkgate Centre Shipley                 (HV, Midwife, Baby Club, Children’s Centre, Hale, Breastfeeding support)

Monday               2.15-4.00              Cottingley Surgery                         (HV)

Tuesday               1.30-3.00              Saltaire Surgery                            (HV, Midwife, Practice Nurse)

Wednesday        1.00-3.00                 Shipley Surgery                           (2HV & NN completing developmental) reviews)

Thursday             1.00-3.30              Westcliffe Surgery                          (HV,NN and practice nurse)

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