Family Support


The Airedale & Wharfedale Children's Centre Cluster is committed to supporting families with  everyday issues, through the highs and lows that parenting brings. The parenting courses that we provide are designed to provide coping strategies and suggest possible ways of dealing with everyday situations.

We work within the guidelines of Bradford's Parenting Strategy and can currently offer the following courses/support:

  • Family Links Nurturing (Parenting Course)
  • Welcome to the World (Ante natal)
  • HENRY - Healthy Exercise and Nutrition for the Really Young
  • Time Out For Dads
  • WRAP - Wellness Recovery Action Plan
  • Infant Feeding Support

Making a referral to the Children’s Centre/Family Support
If you feel that you need someone to talk to about the specific support needs of your family or if you are a professional and you are working with someone that you think may benefit from our family support service please get in touch.

Family support is a flexible, short-term support service offered to families either in groups or on an individual basis. The aim is to create and develop strategies using existing strengths and abilities of your family. 

We ask you for information about yourself and your family so that we can make sure that we offer you the support that you need.  Any information or details we have is kept in writing or on estart as a computer record incase we need to see you again. These records remain your property and you can ask to see them at anytime. 

Your information will only be stored and used in accordance with Bradford District Council registration under the Data Protection Act 1998.

We will ask you to register with the Children’s Centre if you are not already and also to fill in what we call a Common Referral Form that gives you the space to tell us what areas you need help with.

These forms are both downloadable from the links above or if you talk to us someone will fill it in with you. This is then taken to our weekly referral meeting and someone will then give you a ring and arrange to come and visit you.

For further details please call the Family Support Team on 01535 605272