Pre-School Learning Alliance Day Nursery

9th April 2018


Dear Parent / carers


Pre- School Learning Alliance Day Nursery Update 

As you know the Governors of Strong Close Nursery School have been taking advice and considering carefully all options in order to protect the service that PSLA currently provide, however we are sorry to inform you that we do not feel confident that we could maintain and develop a quality service and secure financial stability should the service be transferred.

However in order to protect what services we can we are proposing to provide wrap around for the children aged 3 or above who currently attend Nursery School  - it is the governors wish that current PSLA staff be given first option for these posts. We will obviously have to plan carefully for this change  – for this reason wrap around will not be available for the first day of term i.e. Monday 16th April however it will re-commence under the leadership of the School on Tuesday 17th April.

May I thank you for your patience in this matter, the Governors are disappointed that this long term partnership has ended so abruptly, with obvious distress and inconvenience caused for many families.


Jill Gilhome

Chair of Governors